Custom Shop

The Max-Bilt Custom Shop is a one stop shop that specializes in developing a relationship with our clients to maximize their vehicle building experience. Whether the need is to source the next project, or the interest is dropping off a vehicle for complete or partial restorations or modifications.

We work to understand the end game of the project and insure the correct steps are taken so that most importantly money is not spent twice and the result is exactly to plan.

We have a soft spot for vintage vehicles and enjoy modifying them to include modern amenities, as well as restoring them to factory specifications. We also enjoy modifying vehicles of all ages to enhance their abilities on and off the road, from rock crawling, overlanding, back road cruising, or even the track, the purpose built rigs are completely customized to the client to get the job done.

We coordinate transportation with clients from all over the country, (even internationally) to provide our expert service, as well as set those clients up with local trustworthy shops to provide years of quality service. We pride ourselves in understanding the current trends and technical aspects of our industry, frankly… We don’t f*ck around.

The general maintenance and repair side of our business designed to provide clients with a comfortable, relaxed, and trustworthy atmosphere where any make, model, year vehicle can be serviced.

From oil changes to engine replacements, there is no job too large or too small. This allows anyone with a vehicle to be able to enjoy the small family feel of our facility - and know that their vehicle is in the hands of experts! Our goal is to make sure that the client is treated fairly, with respect, and the repair is completed correctly, the first time. 

We are willing to discuss work on all vehicles and will be honest and up front with clients to whether or not it is in our scope of technical abilities, please don’t hesitate to call and chat.

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