Max-Bilt is a company that is deeply rooted in family values and integrity.  What started as a brainstormed idea for a center console for a jeep that Phil was restoring for his Dad evolved into providing some of the best products and services in the industry.  However, we  believe in offering our customers much more than a product or service.  The atmosphere we strive to create is one where those that choose to do business with us feel as if they are a part of the crew.  
We travel the country to participate in trade shows, seek adventure at events, and most importantly to learn so that we can be on the leading edge of our industry.  We have honed our skills through the miles we have traveled, the countless projects we have put together, the products we have designed, and our victories and defeats.  This experience allows us to say with confidence, MaxBilt truly is a place where Legends are Bilt.  

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